Zach's Adventure

By Shannongal39

8 minute read -

When Zach woke up, he immediately felt different. His head hurt, and he struggled to recall the events from last night. Something about his neighbor, Mrs. Berry? Trying to remember was causing a headache to rock his skull. He sat up and tried to get out of bed, wobbling a bit before regaining his balance. Looking at the full mirror in the corner of his room, he noticed how pale and clammy his skin looked. His brown hair was matted with sweat, and clung to his forehead above his bright green eyes. At 15, Zach was relatively short for his age, standing at 5”3, and his friends never relented in giving him crap about it. Suddenly feeling woozy, he sat back on his bunk bed and tried to regain his composure. That’s when a groan came from his top bunk, causing Zach to jump up from the bed,tripping on a pile of clothes and go tumbling to the floor. A face peered over the top bunk railing,smiling down at Zach. It was the face of a man in about his 40s, with a stubble and long blonde hair cascading around his shoulders. Hair just like Mrs. Berry’s…

“Welcome to the land of the living, kid.”

Zach sputtered, trying to comprehend the situation.

“What…what’s going on? Who are you!?” He croaked.

The man sat up and stretched his arms out, and Zach noticed that he had very feminine hands that had the nails painted a bright red. Climbing down the ladder and standing on the ground, Zach’s jaw dropped.

“I’m Mrs. Berry, remember?” The man cooed, then laughed.

Zach just sat there, dumbfounded. In front of him stood a body that would drive any high school boy wild, with delicious-looking curves, a nice rounded ass, and large C tits all encased in a sexy red dress. Yet right above that body was clearly the face of a man.

“Must’ve suffered some memory loss from the transformation” the man muttered, then a smile crossed his face. “Alright, time to get you up to speed because I have places to be!”

He held out a hand to lift Zach to his feet, but Zach just scooted back against the wall and stared at the “man” in front of him with wary eyes.

“Very well. It looks like I’m going to have to give you a demonstration.” The intruder sat on Zach’s bed and layed down. “Watch closely, because I’m about to change your life.”

At first nothing happened, as Zach started to conteplate if he could reach the door and escape before the person in his room could stop him. But then, something happened.

A strange slime started to ooze out of the body, pouring from the mouth and under the dress. It pooled on the floor, slowly expanding and growing until a shape started to form. It took on the outline of a person, and when the liquid finally quit oozing out of the body lying on the bed, a man stood between it and Zach. The man had the same face Zach had seen earlier on the body.

“Ta-da!” He exclaimed, grinning. He was completely naked, and quickly grabbed the blanket from the top bunk and wrapped it around his slightly overweight form.

“Now you have to listen closely, Zach, because I’m only going to say this once. I have a special power that allows me to take over the bodies of anyone I want. People who have this power are typically known as bodyhoppers. I’m a bodyhopper, and so are you now.”

Zach was still trying to process what he just witnessed, but had enough sense to speak. “What do you mean? You’re telling me that I have that power too?”

“Yes. See the body lying next to me? Look at the face.”

Scrambling to his knees and looking at the unconscious form lying on his bed, he recognized the face instantly: His neighbor, Mrs. Berry. The man continued-

“Yep, that’s your neighbor. I “bodyhopped” her, meaning I took over her body. I wore her for a few days, and nobody knew the difference. Nobody, except you.”

“Me?” Zach was slowly starting to understand what the man was saying.

“Yes. You were walking home from school when you saw me next door. But unlike everyone else, you saw my real face. Nobody can see the real face of a bodyhopper except other bodyhoppers. When I saw you staring at my face, I knew you were a bodyhopper and that I had to help you activate your powers.

“You activated this “bodyhopper” power in me? How?”

“In order to activate a bodyhopper’s power, another bodyhopper has to have sex with them.”

“We had sex!?!” Zach yelled.

“Hey, keep it down! Your family is here, remember? Yes, we had sex. This is the second time I’ve given you the bodyhopper explanation. It’s getting pretty old! That’s why you probably feel a bit sick. Once we’ve had sex, the bodyhopper transformation takes place. Your powers should be activated now.”

Zach just sat there, taking it all in. “Could this be real? Maybe I’m losing it” he thought.

“Now I’m gonna get out of here before your family wakes up. We had fun most of the night!” The man winked. It made Zach a bit uncomfortable. “Gotta catch my ride.” The man then went over to the bed and climbed on top of Mrs. Berry’s lifeless form. His skin immediately began to liquify, and enter all of her orifices. After a few seconds she sat up, once again having the face of a man. He got up and slipped on some heels that were lying near the door. He placed his hand on the doorknob, then turned.

“One last thing. In order to enter someone, just focus on being that person and you should melt. Just enter them and you will take over. To leave them, just concentrate on being yourself again. After leaving someone, they will usually wake up in about 10 to 15 minutes with no memory on what happened while you were in them.” He opened the door and started walking out.

“Wait!” Zach called. “I’m still confused! What do I do now?!”

The man in Mrs. Berry’s body turned. “Have fun!” He blew him a kiss, and left.

Zach sat on his floor for another hour, just running over the morning’s events in his mind. “I have the ability to control people. This is insane, definitely must have been a hallucination. I must be really sick” he thought, but a shadow of doubt left him questioning whether it could be possible that he really was a “bodyhopper” like the man said. While trying to think of a way to test it out and find if he was crazy after all, he heard his parents’ bedroom door open downstairs. He heard someone go in the kitchen and put some coffee on, likely his mother. Looking at the clock, it read 7:00 AM. He had to be at school in an hour and a half. Still feeling like shit, Zach decided that wasn’t an option. Quickly putting on some slippers and a pair of sweat pants, he walked down to the kitchen and saw his mother standing at the kitchen counter with her back turned. Shannon was 39 years old, but had the body of a 25 year old. Slim (she taught a fitness class at the local gym), tanned, with nice wide hips and long brown hair that ran past her cute face and reached the tops of her perky C-cup breasts. Zach recognized she was a beautiful woman, but never thought of her in a sexual way. He coughed to let her know he was there. She turned.

“Hi Zach, good morning…oh gosh, what’s wrong hun? You look pale!” She rushed over and put a hand to his forehead.

“Hey mom, I feel awful. I don’t think I can go to school today.” After the morning’s events, Zach wished that he didn’t have to deal with sickness right now.

“You don’t feel too warm, I don’t think it’s a fever. Maybe…” suddenly Shannon’s voice cut off. Zach looked at her face, and saw that her eyes had grown wide. She was staring into Zach’s eyes, a look of horror on her face. Zach suddenly felt he was about to faint, and a numbness came over his body.

Then, his features began to droop as his head and torso began to melt. “Oh my God, what is happening to me!?!” Zach thought to himself in fear. He still could think in this state, but his nody had turned to nothing but mush. He was stuck to Shannon’s hand, while she stared at the jelly-like substance that used to be her son. She screamed. Zach panicked, and tried to move away, but a force he couldn’t control started pulling him up Shannon’s arm and towards her face. The liquid was sucked into Shannon’s mouth, cutting off her screams. Her eyes rolled upwards, and her body was completely immobilized. Zach felt himself filling her up, and quickly realizing that he had power over her legs. Then her arms. Her Neck. Her head. Suddenly, the whooshing sensation he had been feeling stopped. He blinked, and looked down at two large breasts hanging from his chest inside the tank top Shannon had been wearing. Zach couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He felt the tug of the breasts, the long hair around his shoulders, the toned ass in a pair of sweatpants.

He was Shannon. He was his own mother. “I can’t believe it! It worked!” He said, shocked at hearing his own mother’s voice come from his lips. “When I thought about not having to deal with being sick, I must have activating the body-hopping ability because I didn’t want to be me at that moment!” He concluded. Suddenly, he heard his dad come rushing from his parent’s bedroom and approach him.

“Honey? What’s wrong?? I heard you scream!” Zach’s dad, John, stood looking at him with concern. John was in his mid 50s, with graying hair and dull blue eyes peering out behind a pair of glasses.

“Oh my God, he thinks I’m his wife!” Zach thought with apprehension. “What if he realizes I’m not mom! I need to relax.”

“Oh, sorry if I startled you” Zach said. “I saw a huge spider crawl across the floor and it freaked me out.”

He giggled, a sound that seemed so foreign coming from his mouth. “It’s gone now!”

John smiled, immediately accepting that nothing was out of the ordinary. “Okay, well I’m gonna go hop in the shower. Don’t get caught in a web.” He gave Zach a kiss on the cheek, and went back to their room. Zach breathed a sigh of relief. Sitting down, he tried to decide what to do next. “Should I leave mom’s body and go to my room? It may be bad if dad finds mom lying her unconscious. Maybe I should wait until he leaves.”

While considering his options, Zach’s hands slowly roamed over his body. His fingers brushed the bottoms of his new set of breasts, and immediately felt a jolt of excitement. His inner-voyeur was coming out. After stopping to make sure the sound of his dad in the shower could be heard, he Lifted his tank top, and saw his mother’s beautiful boobs lying on his chest. flicking the nipples and watching them get hard, he instantly got aroused. After all, this was tthe first pair of tits he ever laid his hands on. He decided that this was an opportunity to get a bit more familiar with the human body. “Oh, Zach, you’re such a naughty boy.” He said in Shannon’s voice, and smirked.