Zack's Beginning

By Joyce Chiasson

8 minute read -

Hi my name is Zack Meyers. I want to share a secret with all of society. In our culture live a group of men who prey on women.

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, they don’t rape or beat them. This group is more diabolical then that. They mount the women.

No, No, No. Not stand on them. They physically pour themselves inside the hapless victims. They then are able to posses them. They make the women have lots of sex and party.

How do I know all of this? Because I am one of them. Hahahahahah.

Chapter 2 Zack’s story.

There are some rules to being a hopper. First off no one can tell you are in a mount, unless you pass a mirror or a picture is taken of you. Another hopper can tell when you are in a mount because we can see our own.

When a picture is taken of you or if you do go past a mirror what that person sees is a male head attached to a female body, you have the woman’s hairstyle. This is a little weird. They cannot hear your voice unless they are a hopper. They will only hear the woman’s voice coming out of your mouth. But most people when they are taking my picture usually think they have some kind of wrong focus. They will look into the lens a number of times before even suspecting the truth.

Know most hoppers will tell you that they never realized they had the power. Most of us notice a strange man on a women’s body or see a reflection that does not add up. That is how I discovered my powers.

I am a loner, I am 24 years old and have your average entry-level position job. Shit grunt work in other words.

Anyway my co-worker and myself went to hooters for lunch. The lovely blonde waitress comes to our table and instead of looking at her lovely breasts I notice the bushy eyebrows and mustache on the misplaced face.

At first I am to stunned to sat anything and I ask my buddy if he noticed anything strange about the waitress. He says other then her huge ass and nice tits no.

I excuse myself to go to the restroom. As I get up I see the girl or man wave me to come over. I walk over to it and she began to explain to me who she is and how her name is really Burt and that this is her number to call and he would explain to me more about those powers.

He also explains to me how I have those powers also.

Chapter 3 sex sex sex

It is around 7:00 and I call Burt. The voice machine comes on and it is in a female voice. “Hi this is Tina sorry I can’t come to the beep…”

Burt picks up. Sorry man I had to make sure it was you. Come on over and I will explain everything. As I drove over to Tina’s (Burt’s) House I am very curious about all of this.

I get to the apartment and Burt opens the door. He is dressed like a knockout. Thigh high pantyhose. A red teddy squeezing Tina’s tits.

He says in a thick husky voice, “Being a hopper makes me very horny get in here quickly.”

He pulls me in and before I can do anything he has my pants down and my boxers around my knees. He puts my dick in his mouth and gives me an awesome blowjob.

Then he bends over and in that thick male voice says, “Come on do me doggy style.”

The sex is great but it is so weird fucking a man with a woman’s body. Burt’s long blonde hair is swaying back and forth as I blow a huge wad in his pussy.

Burt looks back and says, “You fuck like a hopper. Wait till we get you out there with your own body, you are going to love this.”

The next morning I awoke with Burt stroking my penis. His smooth hand and fingers playing fine music on my member. He growls to me how hoppers are very horny when they are in a mount.

“Zack, sex is so awesome when you are in here.”

Needlessly to say we had sex that morning. When we were done Burt got up got dressed in a little babydoll and made us breakfast. It was something to see as the beautiful blonde’s body was attached to Burt’s unmistakable male head.

Over breakfast we discussed the finer points of being a hopper.

“Look Zack it is really fantastic having this power, but you have to be careful. Our kind are not looked upon too favorably.”

Burt sat down in Tina’s body. He had a girlish grace to him. He sat and crossed Tina’s legs and began talking. I had a million questions to ask Burt. First I said that I figured not to many people would be to happy with being mounted. But most importantly how do you enter the mounts and what happens to the victim?

“Well,” Burt said in his scruffy growl, he reminded me of Robin Williams doing Popeye. “The mount goes into a deep sleep. The beauty of this is there memories are free to access in this dream like state. When I dismount this lovely beauty she will have memories of what she did while I mounted her. She will remember she had lots of sex in the past 3 days. Now me on the other hand while I am in here I can act and do all her everyday things. This is why I was at Hooters. I was doing Tina’s job. Let me tell you Zack those little outfits and pantyhose feel really awesome. I have one word of caution to you though. Don’t stay in a mount too long. If ya do your molecules can stick and a number of things can happen.

“First you will absorb some of your mounts personality. This is bad because you can forget your own powers.

“Second when you do dismount your physical being can take on your mounts features. I don’t know about you, but I love my handsome mug. When I say too much time I mean a week or two weeks it is really up to your physical state. I had a friend of mine who hopped his own Aunt and stayed her for one month. I couldn’t blame him though she was beautiful and had the kind of clothes every hopper loves. When he finally hopped out he still looked like his aunt. He had a devil of a time explaining how there were two Aunt Jill’s.

“Another thing about hoppers is we love to hop women. Why you might ask is that even though we can hop men women’s bodies are so much more sensitive and erotic you become so horny and sex is really awesome.

“Well Zack are you ready for your first hop.”

I made a loud click with my tongue and excited I was.

“Let me dismount Tina here. We will have twenty minutes before she wakes up and we better get out of here.”

In a blinding light like from the TV show Quantum Leap I saw Burt’s body. I would say he was 5’ 8’’ and rather fat. He was totally nude. Tina’s body crumbled to the ground like a pile of clothes.

“Look I have a stash of my own clothes in Tina’s bedroom let me get those and we will be on our way.”

As Burt left the room I looked down at Tina, she was beautiful, green eyes, perfect nose, yummy. Burt returned wearing jeans and a greasy T- shirt.

“Let’s go my young apprentice.” He said that and laughed.

When got out of Tina’s apartment we went out on the street.

“Look I will call you when I have some mounts in line for us. Don’t be sad it won’t take ol’ Burt long.”

To say I was upset was an understatement. I went about my job for two weeks without hearing a thing from Burt. The just when I started to convince myself it was all a dream Burt called.

“Hey Zack I am down at the Hilton and there is a wedding party going on get your ass down here and lets do some damage.”

I drove frantically from my house. I met Burt outside the reception area. He told me there was a number of hot babes passing out of the reception area to use the can. He said this was perfect hunting grounds. He told me that to mount someone you must have physical contact with them. This meant a touch of any sort and if you are a hopper your body will do the rest. Burt said it would less suspicious if we did not stand together.

I was so nervous my palms were sweating. I was standing outside by the fountain when I noticed an older but very attractive woman. She had auburn hair put up in a marvelous bun. She wore a nylon or silk dress. The dress zipped up the back. She had on white pantyhose and green pumps that matched her dress. I walked quickly toward her.

My heart thumping in my chest I touched her hand and that is when it happened. My body started to turn to liquid. I could feel her struggle but I was too much for her. My liquid body engulfed her starting at her feet. I could feel the expensive nylons as I moved up her body. I slithered to her neck and as she screamed I shoved my body into her mouth and she swallowed every inch of me.

The there was light and I could feel her body. She was a perfect fit. I opened my eyes and the sensations almost overwhelmed me. I could feel the cool air on my legs. I could taste her lipstick on my lips. Her long fingernails were mine and so were all of her memories. I know my name was Colleen and I was here for my daughter’s wedding. I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette.

That is where her memory stopped. I couldn’t wait I walked over to the bathroom. My heels clicking softly on the ground. I almost went into the wrong bathroom. I forgot I am Colleen know.

I looked in the mirror and there was my face attached to this beautiful woman. Then another wave hit me. I was very horny. As I walked out of the restroom I ran into one of Colleen’s daughter’s bridesmaids. She was a complete knock out, big juicy breasts, blonde hair.

I was shocked when I heard Burt’s voice, “Well buddy you made a great choice Mrs. Lopez is very beautiful.”

Then Burt grabbed my breast and we made hot Lesbian sex in the woman’s bathroom at the Hilton. Members of the wedding party walked in and heard us grunting and moaning. I thought how bad that would be when I dismounted, ahahahahah.

I couldn’t wait for my next adventure.